Land of Simmer Dim


Shetland's northern latitude gives us daylight almost 24 hours a day around midsummer, the beautiful twilight we call simmer dim. Birds, seal, otters and even various whale species can all be seen around Shetland in summer time, recent years have seen an abundance of Orcas. An experienced wildlife guide can present you with the best chances of seeing our more elusive species. The seabird colonies at Sumburgh Head and Hermaness are filled with a number of species, not least the massive gannetries and whimsical puffins. The many historical and archaeological sites in Shetland cross millenia. Nearby to Havra are perhaps the most famous two, Jarlshof and Scatness. The ferry to Mousa Broch is only a short drive away too. There are a number of festivals in the Shetland summer, several of which take place around midsummer, too many to choose from!

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